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A variety of documentation is available through UW Colleges Knowledgebase to help you navigate technology issues during your time on campus.  Here are a few common items that you might need assistance with:

Campus Support

On campus technical support is provided by Center for Academic Success and Engagement (CASE). The CASE Answer Desk is located at the library's desk. Contact our CASE Associate, Karin Tepley, for campus IT support. Specific functions performed by the CASE Answer Desk are:

  • First line IT support in classrooms and office
  • Answer basic student questions regarding services
  • Printing support
  • Direct students to library, IT and tutoring services
  • Student, faculty and staff UCards
  • For online software training services see 

Distance Education & Class Room Support

For distance education and technology support in classrooms please contact: Marilyn Peckham 608-647-6186 ext. 245.

Central IT Service Center

The Central IT Service Center provides support for Desire2Learn (D2L), PRISM, E-mail and other software for students.

Wireless Network

WIFI Name User Sign in with
RLN-Guest Guests  Once connected, check "agree" box and click Submit

Please note:

  • In the near future UW-Richland will be upgrading our Wi-Fi to allow for Student and BYOD networks. We will provide updates as we have more information.
  • Wireless coverage and locations:  Wireless access should be available throughout most of the campus.
  • If you have any problems connecting, please visit CASE in the library or email Karin Tepley.

Wireless Printing

In order to print wirelessly on campus, simply email your document to a printer from the list below. Please keep in mind:

  • You have to send the document from your campus email address ( or 
  • Only Microsoft Office documents (i.e. .doc, .xls, .ppt) or PDF files can be wirelessly printed.
  • If you have any issues connecting, please visit CASE in the library or email Karin Tepley.
Queue Room Number E-mail address
RLN-Science 100 
RLN-Science Color 100
RLN-Classroom 211
RLN-Classroom Color 211
RLN Classroom 214
RLN-Library300 300
RLN-Library313 300
RLN-Library313Color 300
RLN-Melvill449 449
RLN-Melvill449Color 449
RLN-StudentCenter 508
RLN-Gym 614
RLN-East Hall 714
RLN-East Hall Color 715


Checking E-Mail

The University of Wisconsin-Richland provides every student and staff with an email account.  This is regarded as an official communication avenue for campus correspondence.  Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to check email accounts regularly for any important announcements and messages.

Students can open a browser on any computer, on or off campus, and enter the following address: Office 365. You can find a link on any one of our web pages. You will then be asked to sign in.  The password is the same as your password for the Campus Network.

Technology Software Purchases 

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University Computer Use Policies

Use of the UW Colleges and Extension computing systems are a privilege. Computer resources for these institutions are to be used for legal business and learning activity, and may not be used for purposes which are illegal, unethical or damaging to the reputation of the University or its members. For further details, please see UW Colleges Information Technology Policies.