Telecommunications Relay

If you are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind or Speech Disabled, or if you wish to contact members of our faculty and staff who are, you may do so by utilizing the WISCONSIN TELECOMMUNICATIONS RELAY SYSTEM™.

The State of Wisconsin guarantees all citizens access to convenient, reliable options and services that enable them to communicate by telephone. The service works by providing a "link" between text telephone users and conventional telephone users. Callers can access the relay 24 hours a day through either a toll free number or by dialing 711. Operators process calls by voicing everything the text telephone user types and typing everything they hear from the conventional telephone user.

How do I connect to WTRS?

There are now several options available to connect to the Wisconsin Relay System.

Dial 7-1-1 from any phone in Wisconsin or the appropriate WTRS toll-free number below to connect to the Wisconsin Relay System. Give the operator the area code and number you want to call. During a relay call, the operator will voice everything typed by the TTY user and type everything said by the telephone user.

TO PLACE SUCH A CALL FROM THE UW-RICHLAND CAMPUS, you must call one of the toll free numbers below corresponding to your call type. Conversely, from most public or residential phones, you may simply dial 711.

  • TTY: 1-800-947-3529
  • Voice: 1-800-947-6644
  • ASCII: 1-800-272-1773
  • Fast ASCII: 1-800-267-8867
  • Speech to Speech: 1-800-833-7637
  • Spanish to Spanish: 1-800-833-7813

Pay Phone Calls Using Relay Service

Local calls placed from a pay telephone though relay are free of charge. People who use a pay telephone to make long distance calls through relay must give the operator a way to bill the call (examples: calling card or collect call). Coins cannot be used to pay for a long distance relay call from a pay phone.