Student Organizations

Studying is important but an equally important part of college life takes place outside the classroom. Outside-the-classroom learning provides opportunities for leadership, organizational skill development, and more.

Social and cultural activities provide an opportunity for you to meet new friends, become acquainted with new styles of music, art, literature. Some activities are fun-oriented. Others offer exercise and relaxation. Find out how you can get involved by contacting club advisors and, on campus, watch for announcements and signs about events.

Clubs and Organizations
Club Purpose Advisor(s)
A cappella Club (Diminuendos) A capella fans & those with musical interests Tobin Shucha
Black Student Union Serves interests of African-American students Jessica Laeseke
Campus Ambassadors Students who help host events, provide tours to guests Karen Stoltz
Campus Democrats Students interested in political process  &
Democratic Party
Joanna Muller
Cheerleaders Club Students interested in cheerleading TBA
College Republicans Students interested in political process &
Republican Party
Aharon Zorea
Collegiate 4-H 4-H members of college age Joanna Muller
Earth Club For students interested in the environment TBA
Gay-Straight Alliance To educate students on issues related to LGBTQ  Marnie Dresser
History Club For students with an interest in history Aharon Zorea
International Club Students from around the world, including USA Jessica Vodvarka

Christian Fellowship

Students & faculty who follow Jesus
as Savior and Lord

Brandon Fetterly

Mathematics Club General fun with many facets of mathematics Stephanie Kernik
Paranormal Researchers
Researching paranormal activity Todd Roll
Phi Theta Kappa Honor society for qualifying students Aharon Zorea
Returning Adults Club Returning adults-students 22 & over
get-togethers & events
Joanna Muller
Richland Nurses (RN)
For students with an interest in nursing careers TBD
Student Senate** Student government organization & activities planners Karen Stoltz
Catholic Student Association
 opportunities for campus Catholics to associate Aharon Zorea

**In addition to campus governance, students have a voice in the statewide institutional governance structure. The UW Colleges Student Governance Council (SGC) elects three representatives and three alternates who sit on the statewide UW Colleges Senate.

The SGC officers for 2016-17 are:

President: Cristina Mendoza / UW-Rock County
Vice President:  Alec Smith / UW-Fox Valley
Financial Director: Yun Wang / UW-Marshfield/Wood County
Executive Director: Samantha Gerland/UW-Barron County
First Year Officer: vacant, elected Fall 2016

Advisor: Sue Kalinka, UW-Waukesha

More information about SGC.

And, once you've completed your studies, you can join the UW-Richland Alumni Association. For details contact alumni liaison John Poole.