Faculty Experts/Speakers

Many UW-Richland faculty & staff are available as speakers or consultants. Some speakers may charge for mileage or ask a fee. The costs of consulting services are negotiable and depend on the type and extent of the services. Through the links below, you can contact individuals to arrange for speaking engagements or other services.

James Aagaard

Assistant Professor Emeritus, Music


Aagaard is available to speak to high school and community groups about various topics in music, particularly American music. Subjects of specialty include: the American Musical Theatre, George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Stephen Foster, Nat "King" Cole, John Philip Sousa, and Foster-to-Sousa-to-Ragtime-and-Blues-to-Boogie-Woogie-to-Rock & Roll. Other topics, given ample lead time might be possible.

Jerry Bower

Professor Emeritus, History


Bower can present talks on almost any topic related to history, including those related to current events or regional history. He will consider proposals to serve as consultant or academic humanist for Wisconsin Humanities Council projects.

Dennis Carpenter

Associate Professor, Psychology and Education

Carpenter Contact Info/Bio Page

Carpenter is available to cover issues related to life-span human development and education, in particular issues surrounding cognitive and social-emotional development from childhood through old age. He is also interested in family history and genealogical research, and has some experience tracing his own family lines through Richland County back into the mid-1800s. Another interest is in the psychological dimensions of environmental issues.

Clif Cavanaugh

Associate Professor Emeritus, Computer Science/Physics/Astronomy

Cavanaugh Contact Info/Bio Page

Cavanaugh offers talks on topics in astronomy and physics.

Marnie Dresser

Professor, English

Dresser Contact Info/Bio Page

Dresser offers workshops or talks on creativity, civility in the classroom, and other academic issues. The talk on creativity is applicable outside academics. All talks could be tailored for adult or high school audiences. She can give presentations about Emily Dickinson and other women writers and would be pleased to give readings of her original poetry.

Norlene Emerson

Associate Professor, Geography/Geology

Emerson Contact Info/Bio Page

Her specialties are in earth history, invertebrate paleontology, Wisconsin glaciation, geology of the Great Lakes region, and volcanology. She is available to speak on those or other topics in geology.

Brandon Fetterly

Associate Professor, Chemistry

Fetterly Contact Info/Bio Page

Fetterly can speak or consult on most topics in general and organic chemistry. His special interests are polymer chemistry, chemical safety and biorenewable fuels and materials.

Jennifer Gavinski

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences

Gavinski Contact Info/Bio Page

Gavinski's areas of expertise are in endocrinology and human reproductive physiology. She can present on a range of topics including cellular and human physiology, genetics, endocrinology and molecular biotechnology.

Annette Hackbarth-Onson

Assistant Campus Dean for Student Affairs

Hackbarth-Onson ontact Info/Bio Page

Hackbarth-Onson would be pleased to speak with high school and/or parent groups about: Financial Aid 101, Exploring Majors and Education Options in UW System, How to Choose a Major, Choices after High School, Transitions from High School to College: What to Expect. Career Decisionmaking is another topic of expertise. Hackbarth-Onson can give presentations on MBTI and StrengthQuest assessments to help people determine areas of potential career interest; for those there is a cost for the assessment.

Patrick Glenn Hagen


Hagen Contact Info/Bio Page

Dr. Hagen's research interests are in intercultural communication, teaching world languages, and German-Jewish identity. He is currently available to present talks on the following topics:

  1. Germans and U.S. Americans in Communication
  2. The Importance of World Language Teaching in the 21st Century

Emil Haney

Professor Emeritus, Economics/Business


Haney is available to speak to educational and community groups on a variety of topics in economics, including sustainable economic development, ecological economics, and current conditions in the state, national and global economies. Having traveled and worked in many Latin American countries and several Western European countries, he is also prepared to lecture on economic conditions in those regions as well. Emil Haney & Wava Haney (see listing below) together are prepared to speak on the topic of "Globalization."

Wava Haney

Professor Emerita Sociology/Anthropology


Haney can talk to groups about "Women and Men: Work and Family" and "Businesswomen and Downtown Development." She can also offer a review of issues associated with race and ethnic relations in the U.S. in the past and today; these might be of special interest to high school classes in history, literature, sociology and political science. Haney could help non-profit groups interested in collecting quantitative (e.g., surveys) or qualitative (e.g., stories and oral histories) data. Together with Emil Haney, Professor Emeritus, Wava Haney is prepared to speak on issues associated with globalization.

Robert Hirschy

Associate Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences


Hirschy offers presentations entitled "A 40-Year Summary of Richland Center Christmas Bird Counts"; "Feeding Frenzy - a look at backyard bird feeding"; "Unusual Plant Communities of Southwest Wisconsin"; "Hub City Bog State Natural Area"; "Travels of Muir and Thoreau in Southwestern Wisconsin"; "Enjoying the Night Sky." He is available to consult with parents considering purchase of microscopes, telescopes for children and offers consulting with schools regarding gifted and talented programs in science.

Gail (Halink) Hoffman

Professor, Health & Exercise Science

Hoffman Contact Info/Bio Page

Hoffman may be available in the summer to conduct volleyball camps. She is interested in speaking to high school athletes--individuals, teams or other groups--about athletic opportunities at UW-Richland and to other groups about topics related to athletics.

Zoie Eva Lutz

Professor, Theatre/Communication Arts

Lutz Contact Info/Bio Page

Lutz offers presentations on topics in theatre history, directing, acting, & improvisation, including "With the Volume Turned Down," a presentation about non-verbal communication in theatre.

Karen McLeer

Associate Professor, English     on leave through January 2016

McLeer Contact Info/Bio Page

McLeer is available to speak to high school and community groups about various topics in literature and writing. Special areas of interest include: Irish literature, British novelists, drama (including Shakespeare) and Wisconsin native Laura Ingalls Wilder. She also offers presentations on resumes/cover letters and writing effectively for college.

Dale Murray

Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Murray Contact Info/Bio Page

Murray is willing and able to talk about several topics in ethics and social and political philosophy. He is available to discuss subjects relating to bioethics, environmental ethics, the philosophy of Robert Nozick, and the philosophy of sport. He also has interests in ancient Greek philosophy and aesthetics.

Faye (Zhifang) Peng

Assistant Professor, Business & Economics

Peng can speak on a variety of topics in economics--international economics, development economics, economic growth and others.

Peng Contact Info/Bio Page

John Poole

Emeritus Assistant Dean for Student Affairs/Financial Aid Director


Poole serves as alumni liaison and may be available to discuss/present about the UW-Richland Alumni Association.

Todd Roll

Director of the Library

Roll Contact Info/Bio Page

Roll can discuss the use of library resources. He may also be available to talk about topics related to paranormal research, another of his interests.

Aharon Zorea

Professor, History

Zorea Contact Info/Bio Page

Given sufficient notice, Zorea can speak on most areas in history.  His specialties include American Constitutional history, American legal history, American political history, organized crime history, organized crime laws, Catholic history in America, Biblical History (Old and New Testaments), Ancient philosophy, and Medieval philosophy.