Beginning with the fall of 2014, the UW-Richland Bookstore & Textbook plan is changing: UW-Richland students will have an array of options for obtaining their textbooks. They may opt to rent new or used texts, or purchase new or used texts. For textbooks: Plans are for details and a link to be available within the online course schedule, associated with each course. Costs will vary depending on which course(s) a student is taking and the options selected. Students will need to plan their budgets accordingly. Details will be shared as they become available. 


The bookstore is located in the Miller Library in the Textbook Library area.


All textbooks are due on or before the last day of finals (May 21, 2014).  Textbooks will not be accepted two weeks after the last day of finals and you will be charged full replacement cost for the non-returned textbooks.   You are responsible for the textbooks you check out at the beginning of the semester. Textbooks returned in poor condition or with markings in them will be replaced and the full replacement cost will be charged to the user. 

Please return your textbooks on time and in good condition.

The textbooks rental fee for full-time students is $100.00.   

Textbook replacement cost chart

Textbook/Bookstore Manager

Kasie Hasburgh
608/647-6186 ext. 281