...renew the items I have checked out?

Renewing by Phone/E-mail

Call or e-mail Todd Roll. He would be happy to renew your items for you.

 ext. 220


Renewing Online

  1. Go to the Online UW Colleges Catalog and click on Your Account.
  2. Type in your student ID number and last name.
  3. The next screen will list everything you have checked out.
  4. There is a small Renew box to the left of each title: click this and you will see the new due date to the right of the title.

If you are trying to renew an item for the second time, particularly one from another school, you may not have permission to do this electronically. Please contact Todd or Lisa or stop by the library if you have any problems.

Come In

We enjoy seeing students in the library! Please stop in to renew an item – you don't even have to bring it with you!